Expropriation can cost you
more than you think.

Get the compensation
you deserve.


Expropriation financing solutions
for businesses and homeowners

The cost of expropriation can be significant.

The government’s actions may severely impact your most valuable asset, your home or businesses, without your consent. You will likely receive substantially less than fair value for your property, have to cover relocation costs, and incur legal and expert fees needed to develop your legal claim.

For Businesses

The impact of expropriation can also include cashflow issues related to the interruption of your operations, a loss of goodwill, and the stress associated with maintaining a stable environment for your employees, customers and suppliers.

For Homeowners

Facing a potentially long and uncertain period while waiting for the resolution of your claim can compound the considerable stress facing your family including temporary living arrangements, work, school and finances.

We have the solution, at little or no cost to you.*

BridgePoint offers financial solutions that can help with relocation costs, legal and expert fees and working capital for businesses, all at little or no cost to you. As part of our service, we can provide you with access to the best expropriation legal representation and expert advice across Canada.

Access to justice

Access to funding significantly increases the value of the claim providing you with the opportunity to hire top lawyers and experts without being forced to settle for less due to cash flow related issues.

*Assume full recoverability of costs from the government. Speak to your legal counsel about recovering your finance costs.


We can help on both fronts.

Whether you’re a business owner or homeowner, our Expropriation Financing can be strategically utilized to offset the negative financial effects of the government’s actions and ensure you receive fair compensation.

Legislation provides for recovery of reasonable legal costs associated with your claim.

For Businesses

Funds to assist with costs associated with loss of revenue including legal fees and business relocation.

Funds to assist with costs associated with business interruption including working capital to stabilize the business, preserve goodwill and mitigate damages.

Access to legal representation including specialists in expropriation.

For Homeowners

Funds to assist with additional costs of expropriation including relocation costs and commuting costs.

Access to legal representation including specialists in expropriation and funding for expert reports.

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Looking to learn more about expropriations?

For further insights and the options available to you, have a look at this Cambridge Chamber of Commerce article by Amanda Bafaro, Chief Risk Officer and General Counsel at BridgePoint Financial.

Information Session Video

Recently, we were invited to speak at the Brampton Board of Trade’s Expert Series where we sat down with Todd Letts to answer questions regarding the effects of expropriation, specifically the planned Hurontario LRT construction. We discussed how businesses can both protect and prepare for the impact of this project and several other large infrastructure initiatives.

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